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Mendel's Mix

for orchestra and conductor by Jon Rose

The 4 nucleotide bases Adenine (A), Guanine (G), Thymine (T) and Cytosine(C), that make up DNA are replicated in the score by the pitches C,B,Eb and F#. DNA sequences provide the pitch order, durations and rhythmic content. Since DNA is measured according to base pairs, I have divided the orchestra up into pairs (duos) with the exception of the string section, solo double bass, and organ. Occasionally pitch mutations occur.

1. Mendel's Mix 1. (Law of Independent Assortment).

In the first and main movement, each pair plays their material at their own speed, giving each DNA sequence its own independence. The unique tempo for each pair is indicated on the score. The conductor (or visitor to this page) is critical to the success of this movement, stopping, pausing, and restarting any pair of the ‘mix’ and indicating a variety of dynamics. As with much improvisation, any combination of trios is a satisfying medium, but the piece will work with any grouping or even everyone independently assorting. The composer's mix is available at the top of this page. In concert, the pairs should be situated around the edges of the concert hall, with strings, percussion, and organ onstage.

2. Mendel Unmixed (Law of Segregation).

3. Mendel Remixed (Law of Dominance).

Gregor Mendel - the father of genetics (1822- 1884)

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, bassoon and contra bass bassoon - Petr Hlavatý and Jiří Jakubec

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, flute and piccolo - Markéta Soldaánová and Eva Bergerová

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, double bass - Michal Pokorný

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, Cimbalom and vibraphone - Jana Schejbalová and Martin Švec

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, Organ - Dominik Susteck

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, Trumpets - Jozef Zimka and David Pollák

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, Percussion - Petr Hladík and Martin Švec

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, French Horns - Antonín Kolář and Miloš Kovařík

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, Piano and Harp - Stanislav Slavíček and Pavla Kopecká

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, Strings - (violin) Lukáš Mik, Dennis Schneiderka, Karel Mitáš, Marie Pšenicová, Antonina Tyshko, Filip Kostelecký, Jana Procházková, Kristýna Jungová; (viola) Stanislav vacek, Petr Pšenica, Josef Janda, Michaela Bartošová; (violoncello) Katarína Madariová, Michal Greco, Rudolf Mrazík; (doublebass) Michal Pokorný, Jiří Šícha.

Mendel's Mix: Law of Independent Assortment, The Strings Coda

Mendel Unmixed and Re-mixed: 2nd and 3rd movements played by full orchestra (rehearsal only)

The performance of Mendel's Mix finally took place on 4 November 2021 at Besedni dům Brno (the historic home town of Mendel). It was performed by The Brno Contemporary Orchestra with their replacement conductor Jan Krejcik (the instigator of Mendel's Mix and conductor of the orchestra, Pavel Šnajdr, was ill with Covid 19). My thanks to all those who took part and to Jozef Cseres who proposed the original commission. The stereo recordings used on this page were all made in rehearsal on stage and not heard in surround sound as they were in concert.

More information here and score example here.

© Music composed by Jon Rose 2020

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director of Brno Contemporary Orchestra - Pavel Šnajdr
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Jan Krejcik in concert
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