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Sound Circus
A project from Jon Rose
"A Larrikin par excellence. Jon Rose is not just a musician. He's an artist (and educator, innovator, inventor, writer) whose work flows across different media and art forms: improvisation, composition, performance, installations, multimedia, political art, and more. With enormous energy and originality, well-honed organisational and practical skills, good humour, healthy irreverence, and a constant stream of ideas, he moves freely between and over the fences we build between art forms, stopping along the way to play them. "
-- Resonate Magazine --


Sound Circus is modeled on the idea of a traveling circus, taking traditional, new and experimental music to White Cliffs and the extreme western areas of NSW, plus one off visits to Queensland, & South Australia - the area known as "Corner Country"

Sonic odyssey: Sound Circus travels with two proven projects - the ball project and the fence project. In addition the members of Sound Circus bring an array of home made and traditional instruments often played in innovative ways- automatic drumming robots, amplified glass, ballons attached to cassette tapes, an inflatable igloo, whirling trumpet, noisy cups, pumping whistles, musical saw, piano, vibrating junk, clarinet, trombone, double bass and gum leaf.

Dr.Hollis Taylor, the renouned USA fiddle champion, also delivers her internationally acclaimed talk on bird song The music of nature; the nature of music. In addition ABC Radio will be setting up a sound installation at The White Cliffs Solar Power Station that features the voices and sonic activities of the town's inhabitants.

Sound Circus (at the time of writing) consists of Dale Gorfinkel, Lucas Abela, Keg de Souza, Joel Stern, Laura Altman, Rishin Singh, Sam Pettigrew, Hollis Taylor, Jon Rose ; and from The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Jane Ulman (producer), Julian Day (composer, presenter), Phillip Ulman (recording engineer).

Sound Circus members are able to contribute ideas, notions, concepts to a pool of sonic experimentation in places, where little or no new and experimental music is currently heard. The emphasis though will be on live music that uses interactive technology, live music that engages with the environment, live music that connects to and involves the people who live in the Corner Country.

Sound Circus performances, workshops, sound sculptures, lectures:

Broken Hill Art Gallery 24th August at 18.30

Fowlers Gap Research Station 25th Aug at 19.00

Packsaddle Roadhouse 26th Aug at 14.00

School of The Air (Broken Hill) 30th Aug at 13.40

Pimpara Lake 1st Sept tba

White Cliffs Underground Art Festival
6th - 9th Sept daily events, times tba

Mutawintji National Park 10th Sept at 17.00

Broken Hill Art Gallery 11th Sept at 18.30

Milparinka Graveyard 12th Sept at 15.00 (am)

Milparinka Court House 12th Sept at 18.00

Warri Gate Dingo Fence 13th Sept at 15.00

Tibooburra School of the Air at 14th Sept 11.30

Tibooburra Oval 14th Sept at 12.30

Cameron Corner 15th Sept tba

Yellow Bus (Strzelecki track) 16th Sept tba

Innamincka 17th Sept tba

For more information about The White Cliffs Underground Arts Festival, call Cree Marshall and Lindsay White at The Central Darling Arts Association 02 5809 8231 (1 Johnson St, White Cliffs NSW 2836) or Gaye Nicholls 04 2944 5210

For current information about Sound Circus in The Corner Country, Contact Ruth Sandow at The Milparinka Heritage and Tourism Association 08 8091 2524.

All events are by donation; all donations going to The Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Sound Circus is an expedition of self-education through empirical practice, sonic discovery, exploration of artefact and environment, and a contemporary take on the notion of "singing up" a neglected part of our continent.

Corner Country was not always so bereft of music making. In historical terms, this part of Australia was an earlier paradigm of live music, from the huge corroborees that took place at Mutawintji over thousands of years to the 13 Brass Bands and town orchestra that worked in Broken Hill in the early years of the 20th century. Milparinka and Tibooburra were substantial mining towns with several thousands of inhabitants, many of whom would have performed music on a regular basis. It's a largely undocumented, lost history.

WRECK is coming to Carriage Works, 11,12,13th January 2013. One of the main sculptural features of the outback is the car WRECK, the rusting history of Australian transportation, turning the very colour of the outback itself - imbedded, iconic, stranded, entropic, defeated - returning to the chemical parts from which it was made. One of White Cliffs classic car wrecks will be installed and performed as part of The Festival of Sydney. The mining town of White Cliffs is surrounded by wrecks, and Sound Circus is planning to bring one of these wrecks back to Sydney where it will be installed, performed, sonified. The WRECK is utilised both as originator of sound sources, and it becomes also the amplifier of its emotive rattles, buzzes, hums, furious metallic rhythms and disturbing shakes. WRECK sings up the quiet fragile creaks of old age to rock and roll levels of destructive vibration. WRECK situates itself somewhere between a DB drag race, exercises in entropy, and a celebration of the outback: a sensational outback to city multi-media experience.

this classic white cliffs
car wreck was sung up by
jon rose on 25/7/2011
another wreck will be installed
and performed at Carriage Works,
for The Sydney Festival
11-12 january 2013

And this is some of

short extracts from the
sound circus tour 2012
and it was very WINDY!

jon rose plays the
white cliffs fence 2

Sound Circus is supported by The Music Board of The Australia Council: The Contemporary Music Touring Program: The New Music Network: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation: The Art Gallery of New South Wales: Mona Foma.

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