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Rosenberg's Reconstructed Bass
The Rosenberg Bass was first utilised by Jöelle Léandre in Paris at Mains D'Oeuvres on February 8th, 2002. Remnants and artefacts from this public art work, on which some 2,000 good citizens of Saint-Ouen made their mark, are held at the Rosenberg Museum in the town of Violin, Slovakia.

Rosenberg's Reconstructed Bass

The origin of the double bass lies confused and clouded in european early music, its development having almost nothing to do with either the violin or the viol family.

This particular string instrument was re-constituted by Jon Rose to function just beyond the normal notions of time and space, containing as it does a door, by which internal mechanisms for a substantial wardrobe, wireless entertainment and La Toilette may be accessed; and through which many visitors to the Rosenberg Museum have been known to disappear.

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