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1977 Things are getting desperate, Voyager 1 & 2 are sent off into outer space to seek out more intelligent life forms. The net profits of the top 30 oil companies in the world increases by 91% in the first half of the year. 1978 Former Italian prime minister Aldo Moro assassinated belatedly by the Red Brigade. Pope Paul the 6th dies and goes to heaven. His successor Cardinal Albino Luciani also dies and goes to heaven. Cardinal Karol Wojyla gets the gig and stays around for an awful long time, he hates things like the first Test tube baby born in Britain and will excommunicate anyone screwing with a condom. 1979 Ayatollah Khomeini and other elderly bearded men put the clock back a thousand years and step up lopping off people's hands and heads again in the name of Allah. The US is renamed 'The Big Satan'. 1980 An estimated 88.6 million viewers watch 'Dallas' the TV soap opera. 1981 John Hinckley has a vision and tries to assassinate Ronald Reagan but unfortunately misses. Pope John Paul is shot by Mehmet Ali Agca but recovers and we'll not say anything else about it. In Bangladesh, it's all much more straight forward as President Ziaur Rahman is assassinated (not by an Italian anarchist as they are now right out of fashion). 1982 US attacks Lebanon. 1983 US invades Grenada. 1984 US government backs Turkey's bloody oppression of the Kurds. 1984 El Salvador US armed local thugs who specialise in the rape and murder of nuns. 1986 US airforce bombs tent in the Libyan desert. 1986 More of the same counter insurgency stuff in Bolivia. 1987 Arms for Contras in Iran. 1988 Contras for arms to screw Nicaragua and the Sandinistas government. 1989 Reagan orders invasion of Panama now the US can't trust their once friendly thug Noriega. 1989 Honduras, Yo! 1990 Haiti, Yo! 1991 Former US backed thug Saddam can not be trusted any more with all that oil in his country and next door's oil too, Iraq gets it. 1992 Bush orders invasion of Somalia, are you serious George? For African civilians it always is. 1998 Clinton orders bombing of Sudan to show he's got what it takes too. 1999 US leads the bombing of Belgrade (only our thugs are allowed to do his kind of shit). 2000 Colombia's CIA backed and drug running government goes after rebels who would prefer to run their own country. 2001 Former US clients with funny head gear and sandals now considered the cause of every problem in the entire world, 6,000 Afghanistan civilians pay for it as they are bombed to bits. 'Son, you done good.' 'Gee, my Daddy says I done good'.

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